Relationship of Command / ADN Platform / Curated by Jordi Vernis / 2017

Brixton '81, Toxteth '81, Broadwater Farm '85: the racially profiled police controls, called stop and search, cause a series of riots in England in the eighties with wild results. Despite this, they happen consecutively and identically, with an almost programmed spontaneity. The protocol characterizes their origin and also their way of proceeding.
During the same years, Post-Punk (formerly New Wave or Cold Wave) does something similar: it adopts a martial and disciplined rhythm. The muffled sound, with a dry beat and close to the beat, tames timbre and compass. The groups that started this trend -and its current revival- assimilate the drummer to the drum machine.
Relationship of Command is the first solo show of the artist Laura Llaneli, curated by Jordi Vernis. The show takes this coincidence as its starting point and expands on it. Laura Llaneli's work interpellates the regulated, as a common root of the performative in music and in instructional maneuvers. To the cases where the artistic procedure, as well as the social one, reduce the unpredictable to the maximum. From the riot to the concert, from the street to the stage.
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