SCOTT 4 / Performance and video installation / ADN Platform / Inside the Solow Show Relationship of Command / 2017

Dossier Exhibition here

Spoken word performance that deals with research on musical patterns. Starting from the confession made by Scott Walker about the compass 3/4 in music in the documentary “30 Century Man” emerged a spoken text that wanders between the possibilities of the structure and the convention of the pattern 4/4 in the current compositions. A text sometimes sung, others spoken and others rhymed that goes from the intuitive in the search of information to theories established in the relations with time and rhythm.All this over a percussion bases that mimic the dry blows of the batteries of the 80 in the Post-Punk.
The performance also goes from the comfort of adapting a text to a rhythmic pattern and how this reading can be modified when this rhythm changes. The installation consists of 4 performances (where the same text is said with different time bases: 4/4, 5/4, 6/8 and 7/8). An action that speaks of rhythm, but at the same time command and gesture protocol.

SCOTT 4 (4/4version) from laura llaneli on Vimeo.

Photos by Roberto Ruiz