LOVELACE / Performance 30' / SWAB Art Fair / LEM Fetsival / SAC / 44perills / VIU Festival / Espositivo / HRTZ Festival / Alcultura / Festival ArtSonor Alacant / 2018

In Lovelace, Laura Llaneli composes live music using codes of computer programming and free software, while talking about language and its limitations to designate reality, the differences between the human voice and the machine voice, and about the relations of eroticism and seduction that we establish through text and speech.

Lovelace is the last name of Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852), an English mathematician and physicist considered the first programmer in history, author of the first algorithm. Lovelace is also the surname of Linda Lovelace, porn film actress and protagonist of the film Deep Throat (1972), a reference in this film genre. The lastname Lovelace, in its evocation of a lace of love, a love thread or love line, serves Llaneli to relate the programming language of computers to Roland Barthes’s theories about text, pleasure and desire.

Connecting these multiple and diverse references, Laura Llaneli’s performance talks about computational code, text, eroticism and love from feminism and language politics.

LOVELACE_LEM2019 from laura llaneli on Vimeo.