Al oído (A cau d'orella)
// performance 25'' and audio piece // inside the solo show "La condición vocal / Error de Cálculo / Quasi Veu / Swab 2021 / PLECS / 2021 /

In Al oído (A cau d'orella), Laura Llaneli invites us to come closer, to whisper in our ear. A voice that becomes tactile. In this case, a distant voice in another place but that seems to come so close to our ear that we feel the sound waves touch our cheek and then enter through the pinna. Words (someone else's) pierce through us. Words that only we can hear, complicit words, intimate words. Who is speaking, who is shouting, who is whispering, who is whispering? Llaneli reminds us of the importance of listening in the political participation of all people without forgetting the gender and social class biases that modulate our tones and volumes. (Good) women don't raise their voices. Those who shout are hysterical. Let us speak then in a low, almost inaudible voice, a secret and suspicious voice that hides all the (intimate and political) potentiality of the word.