Laura llaneli (Granada 1986). She persuaded Music Studies at the Sabadell Conservatoire and has a Diploma in Graphic Design. Furthermore, she holds a BA in Fine Arts and a Master Degree in Sound Art, both from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). She is a member of Sons de Barcelona, Nenazas feminist collective and has two music bands, Pradera and Black Baltic. She is also editor of the Hangar’s Sound Art bloc writing articles about life, art and music.
In 2018, she performed in Museu Picasso Barcelona and Llibreria Calders. She is working with Macba doing Workshops and she is inside the education prgram "Creadors en Residència". In 2017, she had few shows in ADN Galeria, Biennal de Valls, Loop Festival, Urgel 3 Madrid and she won the Embarrat Price (Lleida).
In 2016, she was selected for “La Colmena” (Madrid), Bòlit Mentor (Girona Contemporary art’s center) selected by MACBA for the education Magnet program, and had lectures and workshops in Fine Arts Barcelona University, Homesession, Habitació 14-18 among others. She also was selected for “Premi Miquel Casablancas” and exhibited in “Casaplan” (Valparaíso, Chile), Swinton&Grant (Madrid), Lo Pati (Amposta) and SWAB ART FAIR. In 2015 she got residencies MMSU (Rijeka, Croatia), Art3 (Valence, France) and joined the sound art festival TSONAMI in Chile. From 2012 to 2014 she earned residencies in Lo Pati-Eufònic, Nauestruch and Hangar. She also was selected for BCN Producció and Sala d'Art Jove and took part in Artssònica (Arts Santa Mònica) y FAQ-Factotum (Fundació Antoni Tàpies) Drap-Art (Centre de Cultura Contemporànea- CCCB)

My work focus on production, education and artistic and musical research. I explore the relationship between sound-music experience and production on the one hand, and contemporary visual art devices and practices on the other, laying an emphasis on the impact of variations on stable patterns and structures in certain cultural products. In some projects I test the staying power of pop sound as a social icon, build a historic bridge between models of understanding music in the West and combine the tribute with a critical interpretation, alternating songs from recent pop music via a conventional system of musical notation. In other projects I focus on classical music varying parameters of what is yet composed in terms of time, space and narrative. I am also interested in jazz and folklore music depending on my research.

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